Welcome to 5YP Media
Welcome to 5YP Media

Deep down, we are all seeking simpler, more meaningful lives. We may have different ideas on how to get there, but the end goal is undeniably similar: lives with more of what makes us happy, and less of what steals our joy. It's from the pursuit of that common goal that 5YP Media is born.

Introducing 5YP Media

5YP Media rises from a desire to achieve more in life than just the day-to-day work grind. Founder Daniel M. Perez built 5YP Media as a way to forge a new future for himself and his family, while using the company and its resources to help and inspire others to achieve that shared, common goal: having a simpler, more meaningful life in this complex world. By taking the dream of creating a fulfilling future, and combining it with concrete planning techniques, 5YP emerges as a company that understands both the ideals that give life purpose, and how to find ways to make those goals a reality.

Our Projects

5YP Media creates content that promotes simple, meaningful living in a complex world. Through videos, audio, and words, we seek to inspire others to find their own path towards a better life.

Daniel Highmoon invites audience to join host, Daniel, on his journey to connecting with nature and the outdoors, while seeking a simpler life, through videos, podcasts, and essays.
The Future Is Analog is a monthly written and audio essay exploring our society's relationship with technology. Coproduced with Lightspress Media.
Wrestling With The Angel Podcast is a show about faith and belief aimed at an audience looking for a place to have respectful conversations about the subject. Launches February 2022.
The 5-Year Plan Podcast is a show focusing on helping listeners create a 5-year plan through advice and examples gleaned from the hosts' own ongoing plans. Launches July 2022.

More to Come

There are other projects and collaborations in the works for 2022 and beyond. We are just getting started, and we hope you will join us by subscribing to our newsletter, and following our shows.