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To help people connect, find meaning, and create a better future today.


To teach simple, meaningful living using modern tools & timeless thinking.


5YP Media is born from a desire to achieve more in life than the day-to-day work grind. Founder Daniel M. Perez built 5YP Media as a way to forge a new future for himself and his family, while using the company and its resources to help and inspire others to achieve the goal of having a simpler, more meaningful life in this complex world.  By taking the dream of creating a fulfilling future, and combining it with concrete planning techniques, 5YP emerges as a company that understand both the ideals that give life purpose, and how to find ways to make those goals a reality. 

20 years of creative dna

Creator and founder Daniel M. Perez has been producing creative projects in audio, video, and print for the last 20 years. 

lifetime Projects created
The next stage

Drawing on personal experience, and expert advice from creators and business consultants, a new vision for the future was mapped out. 

customers reached
The present and future

5YP Media is that new vision. Established in 2021, 5YP is set to launch new creative projects throughout 2022 and beyond.  

Years of experience


Daniel is an extremely talented and resourceful individual. What I find most valuable about him is both his dedication to preparation, and yet his flexibility and intelligence in dealing with the shifting focus of a discussion. He listens and processes in real time, which is a rare talent.

Michael Stackpole Author

[Daniel] is a solid project manager, pays close attention to detail, and gives constructive feedback. Daniel is a team-builder, someone who can harness the enthusiasm of others and focus it toward accomplishing a goal. His ability to motivate others is inspiring.

Edward healy Project Leader, GAMERATI

Daniel worked with me on a promotional piece that came through on time, with all the elements I asked for, and with a high caliber of work. He delivers when he says he will, and he's willing to go out of his way to make something click. I'd definitely work with him again.

Wolfgang Baur Publisher, KOBOLD PRESS